La Rochelle is an ancient city located on the coast of the Atlantic Ocean, in the Charente-Maritime department. With a mostly temperate climate, it has become a famous spa city that is very popular among tourists. Beaches, culture, sports, monuments, restaurants… Many activities wait you in La Rochelle!

The beaches

3 fantastic beaches: La Concurrence, in the city centre, very close to all the tourist attractions in La Rochelle and and 200 yards from the Accostage hotel. The beach of Les Minimes, the largest beach in the city, located near the marina accessible by boat from the old Port of La Rochelle, 10 minutes by foot from the Hotel Accostage and the beach of Chef de Baie, a sandy beach sheltered from the wind by a dike 15 minutes by bike from the Accostage hotel.


Water sports: sailing, kayaking, free sailing, surfing, catamaran cruises, scuba diving… the sea is waiting for you!

Other sports: skydiving, balade rochelaise (local tour with motorized tricycle), cycling, bowling, airplane pilot courses and initiation flights, horse riding… A wide range of possibilities for your holidays!

Culture & Leisure

The museums

In La Rochelle there are more than 10 museums. The most famous ones : the Fragrance Bottle Museum , the Automats and Reduced Models, the Fine Arts Museums, the Natural History Museum, the Aquarium or the Maritime Museum…

The Casino

Located right in front of the hotel, at 15 Allée du Mail, the Casino of La Rochelle offers you a restaurant facing the ocean. You will have a fun evening with games (poker, gaming tables, slot machines…) and a wide variety of shows.


Christopher Coutanceau, the fisherman cook spirit, 2 Michelin stars 200m from the Accostage hotel.

The hotel will share with you its gastronomic favourites of the Old Port and will be at your disposal for any suggestions and reservations.

Essential visits

The Old Port

This 13th-century port became famous for the two medieval towers that guard its entry: the Tower of St. Nicolas (the tallest one) and the Tower of La Chaîne.

Arcade streets

Walk around the arcade streets in La Rochelle and soak in all of their charm.


The Cathedral of Saint-Louis in La Rochelle is one of the city’s most visited monuments. Inside you can admire the dome paintings made by William Bouguereau.